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Painted Horse Recovery is a recovery community organization providing Indigenous Native-based addiction recovery support services
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Our Mission,  Vision & Values

Our Vision

A future where the Native American community is healed from addiction and reconnected with our Traditional Culture, values and belief systems, bringing circles of health and wellness to all.

Our Mission

Support the Native American community in overcoming addiction through culture and peer recovery support and to take our place as recognized, valuable contributing members of a diverse society.

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Our Values


Honoring our old ways before colonialism, staying connected to who we were and  are becoming as a People


Connection to Creator through Ceremony using Sacred Medicines given to us from Mother Earth


Respecting our Elders, Women, Children and Nature while utilizing the medicines and healing ceremonies given to us from Creator


Building strong, healthy relationship with each other while maintaining sobriety and strengthening our People through a grassroots approach


Reclaiming our positive cultural vision and identity  before alcohol and other drugs were introduced to our People

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