Peer Support

Painted Horse Recovery provides free Native-based substance use recovery peer services to adults. All peer services are delivered by Certified Recovery Mentors. Peer Mentors are individuals with at least two-years of abstinence who use their recovery experience to help others achieve recovery by developing a recovery lifestyle, overcome barriers, set/achieve goals, reconnect with their culture, and support individuals in becoming self sufficient.    

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If you are interested in getting a mentor or have a client who is.  Please fill out this form and a member of the Painted Horse staff will get back to you.

Peer Services

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Recovery Meeting & Events

At Painted Horse Recovery we embrace all paths to recovery.  We Have open alter Native American -based AA/NA meetings, Wellbriety, 12 step NA/AA, these meetings are open to all people of the medicine wheel. We have closed alter cultural meetings that are culturally specific for the Native American/ Indigenous population.


Reconnecting with our traditional values in a modern society can increase our community’s chance at recovery. Painted Horse provides an opportunity for Native’s to use culture as a means to support their road to sobriety. Respecting our Elders, Women, Children and Nature while utilizing the medicines and healing ceremonies given to us from Creator are pertinent in achieving a healing circle at Painted Horse. Through culture and the medicines given to us by the creator, we will unlearn who we are supposed to be and become who we are.

“We believe providing this space will cultivate a healthy and resilient community for us. It will provide culture and resources for the individual and the community. It will create connections between space, culture, individual, and community.  In this way we will support each other, especially those transitioning from prisons and treatment, in a traditional, resiliency centered, grassroots approach.  In providing this safe space we can build our community from the ground up.” 

— Jerrod Murray, Painted Horse Recovery Founder and Executive Director